sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

                                                           They sent him off to prison,
                                                           for refusing to be lead.
                                                           But when they found his empty cell,
                                                           it was painted black and red.

                                                           Four men hung in Chicago
                                                          for murder it was said;
                                                          but all that they were guilty of,
                                                          was wearing black and red.

                                                           On the streets of Barcelona,
                                                          they were piling up the dead.
                                                           A rotting stack of corpses,
                                                           all wearing black and red.

                                                         One cold day in Utah,
                                                         a blindfold round his head,
                                                        they put him up against the wall,
                                                         for wearing black and red.

                                                         At the strike in Oaxaca,
                                                        he chased them till they fled,
                                                      but they turned around and shot him
                                                        for wearing black and red.

                                                       And when it comes to my turn,
                                                        remember what I said:
                                                        Put me in a cardboard box,
                                                         and paint it black and red.

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